New Classy Hangout, KGM Takes Nightlife In Abeokuta To Next Level


  • A new classy hangout fit for celebrities and upscale fun-lovers has birthed in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. The new hangout, KGM Club opened up for business on july 27, 2017 and since become the biggest talk-of-the-town in hospitality circles in the city. It is the new place where the Big Boys and Babes in town now go to. Topnotch ballers and society players trooped in en-masse to celebrate its launching.

    The club is located at the highbrow Quarry Road area of Abeokuta, an area known to be full of live and fun.
    The major aim of the owner of KGM is to boost the social life of the city of Abeokuta.
    The club has a large car park, enough to accommodate fun seekers with a high standard security and lot of night life events to keep customers satisfied to the fullest.
    The club comes in 3 sections, the regular, the VIP and the VVIP. It also has a Snooker section as side attraction.
    KGM is founded by Hassan Olawale popularly known as King Good Man.His passion for clubbing and his love for social activities prompted him to float the club, though he had only been in the rock city for 2 years.
    Over the years, his friends have studied him and motivated him to go into the business. Hassan claims that his experience after patronising various clubs in Abeokuta has given him enough ideas to give KGM an edge over other clubs in the city.
    Before launching his club, Hassan was into sawmill business, a business his father introduced him to. To him, it is a family business and it’s a lucrative one.
    On how he got the nickname “King”, Hassan dated it back to 2009 when he was on a BBM Forum where he was known as GoodMan because of his generosity and one fateful day, he was tagged “King” by a lady in the group, hence the acronym KGM which is now the name of his newly floated Club.
    See pictures of what’s inside the new celebrity hangout below..