Again, Quincy Makes Waves In US, Featured On Kathy Ireland’s ‘Modern Living’


Having conquered Nigeria and showing its exploits across major part of the African continent, Quincy Herbals is moving at a pace that could see some products of the brand claiming the world stage in. Tobi Keeney, Managing Director of Quincy Herbals and daughter of the founder, Dr Mrs Quincy Ayodele was again invited to feature on the famous American TV Program hosted by Kathy Ireland over the weekend to give more insight to how the brand made it to global stage despite being a pure indigenous brand from Nigeria.

According to Kathy Ireland, who described products of Quincy Herbals as ‘amazing’, she said she took special interest in some of the products because of its pure organic nature. It will be recalled that Quincy Herbals was launched on US soil by popular American, Kevin Harrington’s show [Shank Tanks], partnering his ‘AsSeenOnTVProducts’ program.