Exclusive: All The Drama, Controversy That Trailed Lagos Socialite, Demola Akile’s Mum’s Burial


-The Morufat kalejaye, Shade Shoye Connection

Ijebu Ode, Ogun State was agog yesterday, as virtually all the who is who on the Lagos social scene stormed the city for the burial party of the mother of popular Lagos businessman and socialite, Demola Shabi, widely called Demola Akile. But just as the gists about the lavishness of the big party are interesting, the controversy and drama that preceeded the burial will continue to dominate discussions within the Lagos party circuit. the Demola Shabi (Akile) is the chairman of Petroleum Managers Ltd, which own a chain of petrol stations in Lagos.

It is in fact, the trending story at the moment.

Well, lets quickly serve you the gists. While preparations for the burial were going on, drama started when some anonymous SMS started circulating among socialites, particularly the females. The first SMS was circulated by an anonymous sender about Demola Shabi, his wife, Morufat  Kalejaiye, and society woman, Shade Shoye.
It reads.. “Good morning Lagosians, don’t you know that these women called Shade Alesh, Aja Shoye alias Akala , Wasiu Ayinde no la, and Morufa Kalejaye, Sunny omo Alade,Alhaji Barrister ( may his soul rest in peace) Tunde,  chief Oloyede’s  accountant are wicked and shameless fool, ingrate, Shade Alesh took over Iya Lekan’s lover ( Akala former governor of Oyo state)  few years ago, destroyed her emotionally and financially, this story is for another day , if you do not stop ranting , EFCC will come and arrest you , we will inform them about OYO state money in your accounts , they will trace it, the above are just few men they have destroyed their marriages, please men kindly help Akinle Demola , ejo ni to ri ti olorun, he is in bondage, take him to ori oke, Afa, pastors , oni fa and co , o ti wo one chance ,  with these women’s group, we are supporting our fellow lady too.  Why are you calling Ayi Asabari and Kafila Oriyomi, you have their numbers why can’t you call them if they will not spit on your faces , they are capable in their own, bring it on, president Buhari will intervene , don’t you know both of you have many haters in Lagos both men and women , especially you Shade Ogbedengbe , how many times have discussed me with your friends, Shade you took over my man friend longest time , this an opportunity to deal with you. Men support Akinle help him out, he is blind at the moment. I trust Wasiu Ayinde K1, ko ni fe te”
Not long after that, another text message was in circulation.”These are crazy set of people who are  school cert failures,  shameful idiots , no dignity at all, they  do not respect themselves  , Shade Alesh, Aja Shoye and Morufa, thinks they can intimidate their gender fellow, no way, both of them are failures in life , they can not keep one husband , jumping from one man to another like yo-yo, Why can’t both of them use this energy on their first relationship,  They only let’s money control their thinking, moral , integrity , anyway I can’t blame them, awon omo ati erofo dide ti owo wa la loju , they will always behave badly in the public, they think money is everything, won nba ojo ola awon omo won je,  they will surely always reap what they sow . Se ero bi pe eni were ni, ama so fun yi pe ti wa le ju ti yin lo, eni duro   wo tan. God will punish all the women participating in this  intimidation, eni se orire laiye ati lorun, gbogbo nkan  yi lo ma baje lo ju yin. Amin. Bring it on, we are ready for you guys , kilo de, eyin , lojojumo. Calling yourselves big ladies, do really know the meaning of BIG Lady, let us enlighten your set. Big ladies in town are ladies with dignity , integrity, mind their own business , calm respect others,earn money,  make better decisions  and keep one husband in their life time, manage and stay during ups and down not like you OLE jumping from one man to another because of wealth , aiye yin ma baje ni, . God  will punish you Shade Alesh, Aja Shoye & co come on , we are always ready . I  told you severally times that one day is one day for you in this Lagos. We will treat your fuck up if you mess up. Women do not relax for people like this , they can do the same to you, I know their style , ko kin se ore mi. Shikena”, the second text read.

These message started going round immediately invitation for Demola Akile’s mother, Mrs Beatrice Olayinka Shabi were being sent out. The two message were written in such a way that some people who were aware of happenings in Demola Akile’s life would think it was sent by people close to Demola Akile’s first wife, popularly known as Iya Ife. Whoever that is reading will feel the wife is not cool with her husband’s relationship with Morufat Kalejaiye, a well known woman in Lagos who has been linked with Akile for a couple of years now.

Well, whether she is cool or not, we scooped that Demola ‘s love for Morufat is like one made in heaven and it is vice versa in Morufat’s case. Before we go into more details, let’s give you a glimpse of those involved in this particular story. The man at the centre, Demola Akile is a Super Rich socialite who plays big in oil and gas. He owns Petroleum Managers Oil and Gas Ltd. He worked with the NNPC for many years before he resigned few months back. His wife, who many refer to as Iya Ife is a fair and beautiful woman. She runs a very big business around Okota area of Lagos. She is also very successful but doesn’t like to be in news.

Fair-skinned and very stylish Morufat Kalejaye is the other woman in Demola’s life. She doesn’t look any inch her age. She hails from Ikorodu in Lagos and she is a big time textile merchant on Lagos Island. She owns a couple of shops on the Island. She recently opened her own complex. Her brand name Morkal Fabrics is also very popular.

Shade Shoye, formerly known as Sade Alesh is the wife of Ijebu Chief, Gboyega Shoye. She owns Jewelry Affair located at Civic Centre, Victoria Island in Lagos and sells for only the rich.

Those who are in the know say both Demola Akile and Morufat had known each other for ages, even before their relationship became very known to people. They have both been stepping out together at parties even before the wedding of Morufat’s daughter, Joke to Sade Alesh’s son, Azeez, where it was generally confirmed that their romance is beyond the ordinary. We scooped that when their romance started, her kids were not so cool with it, but when they noticed the relationship was growing into another level and since they wanted their mum’s happiness, they approved of it.

Their relationship become more glaring and took a new turn when Joke got married to Azeez Ogedegbe. Demola Akile played the role of a husband to Morufat at the wedding. They wore the same outfits and he supported her all through the wedding. Ever since, the two became an item on the social scene.

Back to the issue of the text messages that circulated prior to Demola’s mum’s burial. Some close sources who are in know also revealed that those behind text messages were only looking for a way to get to Shade Shoye. But the questions some kept asking is what has she done to those who are after her? What has she done to them to deserve such humiliation bringing her past into the present. It takes a core hater not to like Shade Shoye, the pretty and stylish wife of Gboyega Shoye.We hear those hating are only envious of her new life with Gboyega and her success. For those who don’t know, Shade has been rocking the social circle for over 3 decades and at every point she has it going on well for her. From her marital life, to her business and her kids, she is one woman who know how best to handle her life and that of people around her .

At a point when the messages being passed around became messy, a Lagos society woman Kafilat Oriyomi who we hear is into real estate and Ayishat Asabari were alleged to been behind all the text messages. This however could not be substantiated by those alleging them.

Meanwhile, the burial held yesterday in Ijebu Ode and all these parties involved were present. The man who is at the centre of it all, Demola was fully on ground and he did his best to give his mum a befitting burial. Demola loved his mum with all he had during her lifetime. They were so close. Mama glowed till her death, his son’s wealth showed on her. Iya Ife, Demola’s first wife was also well on ground. Many who knew Iya Ife since she married her husband testified that she is one woman who lived her life just the way it comes. She does not do anything to oppress anyone. She wasn’t looking bad at the party at all. She was on her own lane.

Morufat Kalejaiye was also present. She looked all glam in her white Abaya-like outfit complimented with a navy blue head gear. She wore the same outfit with her friends and in law ,Shade Shoye. They also both changed into a multicoloured lace later on during the party. Morufat is a beautiful woman anyday, although some set of people say that she and Shade would have oppressed more if not all the messy happenings before the burial. Some even say that Morufat was more of a calm English kind of person and she was more reserved but she became more popular when got so close to her in-law, Shade. Fuji czar, K1 was on the bandstand and he dished out the best for the fabric merchant and her friends.

We also scooped Morufat had earlier apologised to her 1st wife a day before the party.
We can’t help but also mention FMK; Funke Matilda Komina. She is the ever beautiful and vibrant Baby Mama of Demola. We heard picked a 30k aso ebi for her friends. She was also on her own lane.

No one would have wanted to be left out after all, it was their mother in law’s final burial.