1da Banton Ends the Year with Latest Release ‘Gbadun’.

In 2023, 1da Banton has seen incredible success, weaving a story of triumph and artistic brilliance that unfolds with each passing moment. His journey began with significant contributions to Davido’s Grammy-nominated album, “Timeless,” showcasing his songwriting and production skills on tracks like “Na Money” and “No Competition.”

Undaunted by his achievements, 1da Banton continued to captivate audiences with tracks like “Call Jehova” and the acclaimed EP, “1da Shall Never End.” This multifaceted artist demonstrated his talents on popular records such as “No Love in Lagos,” featuring the German trio, 255.

Throughout the year, 1da Banton actively collaborated, leaving his unique mark on various projects. The pinnacle of his extraordinary year came with signing with RCA/Sony Music France, marking a pivotal moment in his career and opening doors to even greater opportunities on the international stage.



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