2Baba – No One Owes Me Anything

Innocent Idibia, famously known as Tubaba, recently shared his perspective on the new generation of artists in the music industry. The legendary Nigerian singer-songwriter, best known for his hit “African Queen,” expressed that he doesn’t expect recognition from young artists but appreciates it when they acknowledge his legendary status.

During a candid interview with broadcaster Adesope Olajide, also known as Shopsydoo, on the Afrobeats podcast, Tubaba emphasized that he believes nobody owes him recognition. He stated, “For me, it is there. It’s never going to go away. It doesn’t reduce who I am if young artists don’t recognize my legendary status.”

Tubaba further elaborated on his perspective, saying, “The only thing is, definitely, I appreciate it when people recognize. There’s nobody that won’t appreciate that. I appreciate when people recognize, but I don’t take it too personally when they don’t. That one na the person’s ignorance.”

He emphasized that each artist coming into the industry has their own unique story to tell and their own path to follow. Tubaba acknowledged that while some may draw inspiration from his career, they will ultimately use it to elevate themselves. He concluded, “Every artist that comes up now, even if they get inspiration from me or anybody, they are going to use it to elevate themselves. And that is their own story.”

Tubaba’s perspective highlights his humility and understanding of the evolving music landscape, where new artists forge their own paths while drawing inspiration from the legends who came before them.

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