50 Cent’s Mic Toss Mishap: Fan Injury Incident at Recent Performance

The 48-year-old rapper Curtis Jackson, widely known as 50 Cent, made headlines when he threw a microphone into the crowd not once, but twice during a Wednesday performance. The first toss accidentally struck a fan in the head, leading to potential legal trouble for the artist.

A viral video captured the moment when 50 Cent, frustrated by a malfunctioning microphone, forcefully tossed it offstage. He was then handed another faulty microphone, which he impatiently dropped to the side of the stage. Growing increasingly frustrated, he hurled the second microphone into the audience, inadvertently hitting a fan.

This incident left the fan with lacerations, including a bloody gash on her forehead, requiring her to be hospitalized for her injury. Following the incident, she reportedly filed a police report, implicating the musician in the paperwork.

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