AFCON 2023: Falz, Others Rally Behind Alex Iwobi amid Cyber Bullying

AFCON 2023: Falz, Others Rally Behind Alex Iwobi amid Cyber Bullying

In the wake of Nigeria’s disappointing loss to Ivory Coast in the AFCON finals, Super Eagles player Alexander Iwobi has been subjected to intense cyberbullying and criticism from fans across various social media platforms.

However, amidst the turmoil, Nigerian rapper, Falz and other notable Nigerian celebrities have stepped up to defend Iwobi and condemn the culture of online abuse.

Renowned comedian and actor, AY Makun, took to social media to publicly appeal to critics of Iwobi, emphasizing the detrimental consequences of cyberbullying. Makun shared images highlighting Iwobi’s contributions to the Super Eagles’ success and urged Nigerians to stop criticizing the footballer, advocating for a culture of care and respect on the internet.

Following Makun’s lead, Falz expressed solidarity with Iwobi, emphasizing the sacrifices made by players to represent their nation. Falz showcased the importance of supporting athletes and denounced the mistreatment of Iwobi by fans, urging for unity both in victory and defeat.

Socialite, Yhemolee also chimed in, offering his perspective on the situation and suggesting that the intense criticism directed at Iwobi was a common occurrence in sports fandom. While acknowledging the disappointment of fans, Yhemolee called for understanding and empathy towards the player.

Super Eagles striker, Ahmed Musa penned an impassioned open letter to fans, imploring them to cease further criticism of Iwobi and redirect their focus towards supporting the team as a whole. Musa emphasized the collective responsibility of the team in both triumphs and setbacks and urged fans to spread love and genuine encouragement to the players.

However, amidst the outpouring of support, self-proclaimed entertainer, Tunde Ednut faced backlash for seemingly endorsing the bullying of Iwobi. Ednut’s reposting of a video mocking Iwobi drew criticism from fans, further highlighting the negative impact of cyberbullying in sports.

As the saga surrounding Iwobi unfolds, the response from celebrities serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion, respect, and solidarity in the face of adversity within the sports community.



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