American Actor, Matthew Perry Passes Away At 54

Matthew Perry, best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the iconic ’90s sitcom ‘Friends,’ has tragically passed away at the age of 54. According to TMZ, he was found deceased in a Los Angeles-area home on Saturday, October 26, with law enforcement sources reporting that he was discovered in a jacuzzi, and no drugs were found at the scene. There was no suspicion of foul play, and first responders were called to the residence for cardiac arrest.

In addition to his celebrated ‘Friends’ role, Matthew Perry made appearances in numerous other TV shows over the years, including ‘Boys Will Be Boys,’ ‘Growing Pains,’ ‘Silver Spoons,’ ‘Charles in Charge,’ ‘Sydney,’ ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ ‘Home Free,’ ‘Ally McBeal,’ ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Scrubs,’ ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,’ ‘Go On,’ ‘The Odd Couple,’ and more. He also graced the big screen in several memorable comedy films, such as ‘Fools Rush In,’ ‘The Whole Nine Yards,’ ‘Three to Tango,’ ‘The Kid,’ ’17 Again,’ ‘Getting In,’ and others.

Behind his on-screen charisma, Matthew Perry battled addiction issues, particularly with painkillers like Vicodin, which led to stints in rehab over the years. He candidly addressed these struggles in a memoir he published last year, shedding light on his weight fluctuations during his time on ‘Friends.’

Despite his successful career, Matthew Perry never married, and his brief engagement a couple of years ago ended after just six months.


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