Ayra Starr Collaborates with David Guetta and Lil Durk on Fresh Track ‘Big FU’

Nigerian singer-songwriter Ayra Starr’s incredible rise to global stardom continues to astound. Her latest endeavor underscores her unwavering dedication to leaving an indelible mark on the international stage, reminiscent of her chart-topping hit, “Rush.” Today, she takes another significant step in that direction, collaborating on the transcendent track “Big FU” with none other than veteran disk jockey and record producer David Guetta, alongside renowned Chicago rapper Lil Durk.

The result of this collaboration is nothing short of astounding. The combined talents of these artists push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, making “Big FU” a musical masterpiece. Expertly produced by David Guetta and Johnny Goldstein, the track promises a sonic journey that lives up to expectations.

Ayra Starr, celebrated for her enchanting and sultry vocals, effortlessly bestows “Big FU” with her signature style. Her presence on the track adds a unique depth and emotional richness that only she can provide.

Renowned Chicago rapper Lil Durk contributes another layer of brilliance to the song with his incredible verse. His lyrical prowess and dynamic delivery complement Ayra Starr’s vocals and the overall production, resulting in a synergy that will deeply resonate with listeners.

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