Bad Boy Timz Challenges Burna Boy’s Take on Afrobeat Substance: Exploring the Depths of African Music

Headies award-winner Olorunyomi Oloruntimilehin, popularly known as Bad Boy Timz, has taken issue with fellow artist Burna Boy over his recent comment regarding the substance of afrobeats.

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Burna Boy, the self-proclaimed African Giant, stated that 90 percent of afrobeat songs are “literally nothing.”

Bad Boy Timz, who appeared on the Fresh Off The Boat podcast, criticized Burna Boy’s statement and pointed out that afrobeat has been a significant part of the ‘Last Last’ crooner’s career for years. However, he also suggested that Burna Boy may have been referring to specific artists and not the entire genre.

Bad Boy Timz stated, “I feel like maybe the way he wanted to convey his message came across as ‘Burna Boy.’ You know Burna, he always makes his point, whether it hurts or not. But to claim that afrobeat lacks substance, I think he’s only talking about certain individuals. The kind of music I create has substance; it’s not all upbeat. There are moments of depth and emotion. So, those who create shallow music are in their own category.”

He continued, “When Burna Boy says that people don’t have real-life experiences or meaningful stories to share, he’s essentially speaking on behalf of others. Many artists have faced pain and adversity, even if they don’t incorporate it into their music. This doesn’t make them weak or unappreciative. Remember, Fela Kuti pioneered afrobeat; it’s the foundation of our music. Afrobeat has nourished Burna Boy’s career for years.”

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