Bella Shmurda’s Heartfelt Tribute and Promise to Late Friend Mohbad

In a series of emotional posts on his social media platform, Bella Shmurda, the award-winning artist, poured out his heart and made a solemn promise to his late friend, the talented rapper Mohbad.

Bella Shmurda and Mohbad shared a close friendship, and the tragic loss of the late rapper has hit him hard. He opened up about the profound struggle he’s facing, trying to come to terms with Mohbad’s untimely passing. The pain is so deep that he’s turned to alcohol and grappled with the rollercoaster of emotions. 😢

In one of his touching posts, Bella Shmurda expressed his sadness that Mohbad’s son never had the chance to meet his incredible father. However, he gave his word that he would step in to support and share Mohbad’s story with the young one, ensuring that the late rapper’s memory lives on. 📖

As a reminder, shortly after Mohbad’s passing, Bella Shmurda called for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind the circumstances of his friend’s death. Subsequently, the police conducted an investigation that identified a prime suspect and revealed the roles played by Mohbad’s label boss, Naira Marley, and an associate named Sam Larry in this tragic event. 🕵️‍♂️

Stay tuned for updates as we seek justice for Mohbad and continue to remember him through his music and the love he left behind. 💙 #JusticeForMohbad #RememberingMohbad

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