Blaqbonez Shares Insights into Coping with Fame and Preserving Personal Privacy

Nigerian rap sensation Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaqbonez, openly discussed the challenges tied to his celebrity status in a recent interview on Joey Akan’s Afrobeats Intelligence podcast. During the conversation on December 15, Blaqbonez shed light on the struggles of maintaining a sense of normalcy amidst constant public attention.

The ‘Emeka Must Shine’ artist candidly admitted that fame often feels like a burdensome punishment, hindering his ability to lead an ordinary life.

The rapper highlighted the stark contrast between his experiences and those of affluent individuals who can navigate public spaces without attracting unwavering scrutiny.

Blaqbonez expressed frustration at the all-encompassing focus on him, particularly when engaging in basic activities or seeking personal relaxation. He lamented the necessity of upholding the Blaqbonez persona even in moments of leisure, emphasizing the limiting impact of fame on his ability to enjoy a carefree existence, stating,

“I cannot even go out in Nigeria to have actual fun. I must be Blaqbonez. It feels like a crazy punishment. Other people who have way more money have a much easier life than me. I have to be hiding.”

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The rapper, affiliated with Chocolate City, is praised for his distinctive rap style and creative talent. His newest album, “Emeka Must Shine,” is still making waves, drawing attention and accolades in the music scene.

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