British Woman Sentenced to Death in India for Husband’s Murder

A British woman named Ramandeep Kaur Mann has been sentenced to death by hanging in India for the murder of her husband, Sukhjeet Singh. This grim verdict came after the court in India learned that Kaur Mann had poisoned her family and then slit her husband’s throat on September 2, 2016, all in a bid to inherit £2 million from his life insurance policy.

Her accomplice, Gurpreet Singh, received a life sentence. Notably, the eyewitness testimony of Sukhjeet’s nine-year-old son played a pivotal role in securing the conviction of Kaur Mann, a British national.

The report reveals that Kaur Mann executed her sinister plan shortly after returning from a family holiday to Sukhjeet’s hometown of Shahjahanpur. She poisoned a meal consumed by several family members, but her eldest son fortunately did not partake.

On that fateful morning in 2016, Sukhjeet’s lifeless body was discovered on the first floor of their house, where he had been sleeping with his family. The court brought murder charges against Kaur Mann and Gurpreet, revealing that the two killers were in a relationship.

In a chilling description, the judge, on October 14, labeled the case as the “rarest of rare,” highlighting the profound impact of this tragedy on Sukhjeet’s family and children. The verdict, which sentenced Kaur Mann to death, was met with relief by Sukhjeet’s mother, who expressed her satisfaction that justice had been served and hoped to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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