Burna Boy Drops Seventh Studio album “I Told Them”

In the world of music, there are rare moments when anticipation and excitement collide like an electrifying wave, and it’s a sensation that can only be attributed to the giants and game-changers of the industry. Today, that euphoria sweeps over us all as we celebrate the release of Afro-fusion luminary¬†Burna Boy’s highly awaited seventh studio album, aptly titled “.”“I Told Them.”

Burna Boy, a name synonymous with musical excellence, needs no introduction. With the world holding its breath, he has delivered the body of work we’ve all been yearning for. But “I Told Them” is not merely an album; it’s a profound reflection of Burna Boy’s journey. It’s a collection of audacious affirmations, prophecies, and declarations that he once shared on social media, dreams spoken into existence, now realized on a global scale. It’s the joy of proving the doubters wrong that fuels the album’s very title, “I Told Them.”


This album marks the seventh chapter in Burna Boy’s illustrious discography, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft. Comprising 15 exceptional tracks, including previously released hits like “Big 7” and “Cheat on Me” featuring Dave, as well as “Sittin’ on Top of The World” featuring 21 Savage, “I Told Them” takes listeners on a sonic voyage like no other.

Listen To I Told Them Album by Burna Boy Below;


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