Chidi Durugo’s Spectacular 50th Birthday Photoshoot!

Step into the world of elegance and celebration as we present a curated collection of photos from Chidi Durugo’s unforgettable 50th birthday extravaganza, expertly captured by iSEE WORLD – America’s Most Wanted Studio. Co-owner of Origin Restaurant and Lounge, USA, and the visionary behind Afor International African Market, USA, Chidi’s milestone celebration was a harmonious blend of tradition, modernity, and the vibrant spirit that defines his remarkable journey.


Capturing the Essence: Every photograph serves as a visual ode to Chidi’s rich life and legacy, expertly encapsulated by the skilled lens of iSEE WORLD. From the vibrant hues to the sophisticated settings, each image reflects the essence of a man whose impact has been felt far and wide

Chidi Durugo's Spectacular 50th Birthday Photoshoot!

This collection is not just a celebration of a milestone birthday but also of a life dedicated to excellence and community building.

Photo Credit: iSEE WORLD – America’s Most Wanted Studio.

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