Davido’s Newest Necklace Sparks Celebrity Reactions

Davido, the renowned singer, has once again captured the spotlight with his latest jewelry acquisition. On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, he unveiled a stunning new necklace that has garnered attention not only from his adoring fans but also from fellow celebrities.

The unveiling of Davido’s exquisite necklace has set social media abuzz, with stars like Psyco YP, Zlatan, Tekno, and even American rapper YG expressing their excitement. Notable figures including Fave and Logos Lori also chimed in on Instagram, joining the chorus of admiration for both the necklace itself and the creative concept behind it.”


The maker of the necklace, Local Kettle Brothers UK, took to social media to explain the idea behind the necklace. It was explained as, “Davido’s bespoke pendant, dedicated to the success of his new album ‘Timeless’. A timeless ‘hourglass’ design, crafted with meticulous detail and hand selected diamonds. A moving hourglass, enclosed with diamond dust. A 350ct diamond pendant, weighing 1.5kg. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This exquisite pendant features hand-picked diamonds, constructed with a 1 carat pear diamond above the pendant. 4 – 0.5ct pear diamonds in the centre. A 30 pointer boarder for ‘30 Billion Gang’, as well as a 30 pointer boarder around the hourlgass. ‘30BG’ across the bespoke cuban chain. ‘30BG’ Baguette cut display. Designed in-house by our Local Kettle Brothers jewellery specialist team Cole, Emmanuel and Ethan. The “Timeless” pendant is a breathtaking masterpiece designed exclusively for Davido. A true embodiment of Davido’s unique style, the “Timeless” pendant is a symbol of inspiration, creativity, and enduring beauty that will adorn the wearer for generations to come.”

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