Everton Could Suffer a Potential 12-Point Deduction in the Premier League

Everton Football Club is facing the looming threat of relegation from the Premier League due to a potential 12-point deduction. The Merseyside club has posted financial losses exceeding the Premier League’s permissible limit over the past three years. According to reports from The Telegraph, Everton’s losses total £371.8 million over this period, well above the league’s approved threshold of £105 million.

Currently, Everton finds themselves in 16th place, with just nine points from seven games. A 12-point deduction would drop them to a precarious position, only five points above the bottom-placed Sheffield United. This deduction poses a significant challenge to Everton’s hopes of survival, especially considering their close brushes with relegation in recent seasons.

The fate of Everton’s Premier League status is likely to be decided by the end of the year or in early 2024.

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