Father Recounts a Dream Involving Mohbad Two Days Before His Passing

Mr. Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, known as Mohbad, has finally spoken up about his son’s passing. He revealed that he had a haunting dream about his son just two days before the tragic incident. The grieving father shared his thoughts on Wednesday, shortly after his son’s burial, recounting his visit to the singer a few days before the heartbreaking event. This emotional interview has quickly gained popularity on social media.

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“Mohbad is my friend,” Mr. Aloba stated. I named him Olademeji, which means “my second,” because I am my parents’ only son.

We are very close. Whenever he sees me, he rejoices with me. I could even remember the last time we met before his death, which was on Saturday.

“I went to his house, we played together. He gave me food. He was even the one who served me. He joined me, and we ate it together. And when I was leaving, he gave me money as usual.

“The only thing I observed is that I dreamt concerning him maybe two days before the incident. In my dream, I saw someone who was holding a gun to shoot. In the dream, I was even thinking that maybe I escaped the bullet not knowing that something like this would happen to me.”

He said despite the allegations on social media, he isn’t suspecting anyone.

He, however, said he was a little concerned about the auxiliary nurse who injected Mohbad before he died, stressing that he wasn’t too sure of her qualifications.

Mr Aloba said he suspects that the injection might have complicated his son’s health.

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