FIFA Reveals The Qualified Teams For The 2024 Club World Cup

FIFA has revealed details for the upcoming Club World Cup in the United States, officially named ‘Mundial de Clubes FIFA.’ Scheduled from June 15 to July 13, 2023, the tournament will showcase teams from all six confederations. European champions Chelsea and Manchester have secured spots, while Arsenal can qualify by winning the Champions League. Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Benfica, and Porto have also qualified, leaving four spots for European clubs. Additionally, FIFA confirmed the annual Intercontinental Cup starting December 2024.

“Stage A’ involves AFC and CAF Champions League winners competing, while ‘Stage B’ features the CONCACAF Champions Cup winner against the CONMEBOL Libertadores winner. The overall winners of ‘Stage A’ and ‘Stage B’ then face off in a playoff, leading to a final against the UEFA Champions League winner.


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