Generous Man Volunteers to Fund DNA Test for Mohbad’s Purported Child (Video)

A generous Nigerian man, who prefers to remain anonymous, took to social media to make a remarkable offer. He publicly pledged to cover the costs of a DNA paternity test and offer a substantial cash gift if it’s proven that the late singer¬†Mohbad is indeed the biological father of the child claimed by a woman.


“If the DNA test confirms that the boy is Mohbad’s son, the man has pledged to generously provide 10 million naira to the child’s mother for the upbringing and future of the child in Mohbad’s absence.

The compassionate individual has stated that his primary concern is to uncover the truth and ensure the well-being of the child if indeed he is Mohbad’s heir. This surprising proposal highlights the public’s strong interest in preserving Mohbad’s legacy.

As of now, there has been no official response from the woman. Nevertheless, the man’s public offer demonstrates his empathy and social awareness, particularly in light of the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s unfortunate passing.”

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