Governor Adeleke Confirms First Wife, Titilola As Official First Lady To End Public Debate

It has taken an official visit by the President’s wife, Oluremi Tinubu to Osun state for the record to be finally set straight regarding who is the state’s official First Lady -more than a year and had since Governor Ademola Adeleke took office. The governor, yesterday, has had to clarify  that Titilola Adeleke, his wife, is the state’s First Lady -and not his second wife, Ngozi Adeleke. This has finally brought a close to arguments over the issue. Before now, Erelu Ngozi Adeleke has been engaged in activities in her capacity as a wife of the Governor and oftentimes addressed as First Lady in the media.

There was confusion on Monday after two different fliers emanated from the offices of Ngozi and Titilola, Adeleke’s wives, welcoming Oluremi Tinubu, Nigeria’s first lady, to the state. On both fliers, the two women were addressed as the first lady of Osun state which sparked a wave of mixed reactions on social media.

Chief Mrs Titilola Adeleke.

The Governor in a statement through his spokesman, Olawale Rasheed, has however clarified that there is “no confusion on this official position”. He stressed that Titilola is the state’s first lady and would be the one to host Oluremi Tinubu on her arrival. He also said the second flier was not authorised by Ngozi, adding that the person behind it had been “nabbed and questioned”.

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke

“For clarification, Chief (Mrs) Titilola Adeleke, the First Lady of Osun State, is officially hosting the First Lady of the Republic tomorrow in line with the directive of Mr Governor. There is no confusion on this official position. The state government under Governor Ademola Adeleke is set to receive the First Lady and her team in Osun State.” -the statement reads.

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