Governor Adeleke Finally Moves into Renovated Osun State Government House

After an interval spanning nearly a year and a half from his ascension to office, the Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, has at last taken up residence in the state’s government house in Osogbo, the capital city.

Governor Adeleke, who assumed office on November 27, 2022, distinguished himself from his predecessors by delaying his move into the government house, a decision that drew criticism, particularly from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). Nonetheless, this delay was justified by the ongoing renovations at the Government House.

In a recent statement, the Governor’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, announced the completion of the renovation works, thereby enabling Governor Adeleke’s relocation to the government house. The renovations involved comprehensive refurbishment of the main house, the revitalization of a previously abandoned multi-bedroom guest house, as well as remodeling of several structures and repairs to various facilities that had fallen into disrepair.

During the unveiling ceremony of the refurbished Government House, attended by dignitaries and top state officials, Governor Adeleke reiterated his administration’s commitment to enhancing state assets, regardless of their origins. He emphasized the importance of preserving state assets for future generations, citing the rehabilitation of the Government House as a testament to his administration’s dedication.

Governor Adeleke further highlighted that his government is not only focused on completing inherited projects but is also initiating new ones to fulfill the five-point agenda promised to the citizens of Osun State.

However, in response to this development, Osun APC Chairman Tajudeen Lawal criticized the renovation project as a misplaced priority, particularly in the face of the economic challenges confronting the state’s residents due to the removal of the federal fuel subsidy. Lawal accused Governor Adeleke of concentrating on less impactful projects while his counterparts in other states were exploring ways to alleviate the economic burdens on their citizens.

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