Harrysong Seeks Financial Support Amid Dispute With Kcee

Nigerian artist Harrison Tare Okiri, widely known as Harrysong, has taken to his Instagram story, reaching out to fans, colleagues, and the public for support in a financial dispute with his former colleague and boss, Kingsley Okonkwo, aka Kcee.

Harrysong alleges that Kcee has withheld his songs for over seven years and has been claiming 100 percent of the royalties from hits like “Reggae Blues” and “Baba for the Girls,” stressing the need for fair distribution of earnings.

Expressing frustration, Harrysong states that he initially approached the matter with humility and appeals, but to no avail. He accuses Kcee of consistently wielding dominance, leading to this public plea for fairness and justice. Harrysong calls on the public to intervene, emphasizing that these songs are his intellectual property, and he deserves what is rightfully due to him.

Recognizing the power dynamics involved, with Kcee being labeled the “power mike,” Harrysong anticipates potential resistance. Nevertheless, he remains steadfast in his plea, urging everyone to support him in seeking fairness and equity in the distribution of royalties.


As the social media drama continues, both the music industry and the public are eager for updates on the ongoing financial dispute between Harrysong and Kcee.

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