How Nigerian Businessman, Simon Guobadia’s Marriage To US TV Celebrity, Porsha Williams C-R-A-S-H-E-D After 15 Months

Porsha Williams, a known American reality star, who married Nigerian businessman Simon Guobadia just about a year and three months ago has filed to divorce him a forthright ago.

Porsha, who was on still on Instagram on the last Valentine’s Day and the days after flaunting her love for Simon, has now ended their union. She has also removed Guobadia from her Instagram bio and reverted to her maiden name, Williams.

The TV star filing for divorce from Simon no doubt, caught many by surprise. The couple had only been married for 15 months. She filed for divorce one week after announcing she was returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha also signed a deal with NBCUniversal which will allow her to take on “scripted project opportunities across the company’s broadcast and streaming properties.”

As the divorce proceedings began, Porsha’s attorneys requested that Simon, and the team working with him, “not to destroy, conceal, or alter” any of his financial documents. In the legal documents, Porsha also asked that the prenuptial agreements be enforced. “Wife requests that said Prenuptial Agreement be enforced by this Court and be made a part of this Court’s Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce,” the divorce filing read.

What really went wrong? Well some sources said I It was a case of too much, too soon. There wasn’t enough time to really get to know each other well, but Porsha was swept off her feet by Simon.

Porsha and Simon announced their engagement after only dating for several weeks. That was quick! At the time, Porsha didn’t appreciate anyone skeptical of her new romance, including her fellow RHOA peaches.

According to the insider, there were also other issues inside the marriage. “Friends found Simon controlling, and that was a problem for Porsha, who is so independent. It’s not her style to be told what to do and when to be home,” the source alleged. This rumor has not been confirmed by Porsha or Simon.

Some in certain quarters are saying that the Porsha’s divorce announcement is coming on the heels of a rough time Simon has recently been facing in the US.

Meanwhile, days after the news broke, Simon took to his social media to speak on the matter by posting an Instagram Story with the message, “Will Stop Loving My Wife When Divorce is Final.” He is said to remain in good spirits and seems to not allow his relationship troubles to get the best of him as he continues to stay occupied with a busy schedule.

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