IBEDC Cracks Down on Energy Theft, Initiates Legal Action Against Offenders

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc has announced the detection and documentation of over 1,459 cases of energy theft between January and February 2024. Collaborating with the Federal Government Special Investigation and Prosecution Task Force on Electricity Offences (SIPTEO), the company has initiated investigations and legal actions against individuals and businesses involved in energy theft.

IBEDC is intensifying efforts to combat energy theft, focusing on offences such as meter bypass and illegal meter tampering, which have led to significant financial losses amounting to hundreds of millions of naira. Johnson Tinuoye, Chief Key Accounts Officer of IBEDC, emphasized the establishment of a strategic partnership with SIPTEO to expedite investigations and prosecutions within the company’s jurisdiction.

Tinuoye highlighted that energy theft is now a criminal offence punishable by severe penalties, including imprisonment. In the Osun region, two individuals were arrested for energy theft through meter bypass and illegal connections, with their cases officially charged to court.

IBEDC aims to convey a strong message that energy theft will not be tolerated. The collaboration with SIPTEO underscores the company’s commitment to a fair and just electricity distribution system. Tinuoye warned customers against engaging in energy theft, emphasizing the serious repercussions and the vigilant monitoring by the SIPTEO Task Force.

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