I’ll Speak The Truth – Mohbad’s Father Pleads for Nigerians’ Forgiveness (Video)

Mohbad’s father has opened up in an interview with BBC Yoruba about the tragic day of his son’s death. He expressed his concern for his son’s well-being, mentioning that he had attempted to persuade Naira Marley to be a better role model. He was deeply moved when he saw Naira Marley sharing a meal with his son but later learned about a darker side to Naira Marley.

The grieving father revealed that his son had suffered from repeated physical abuse, even reporting it to the police without any action taken. The pattern of violence continued, including an incident during a video shoot with Zlatan.

As a preacher, Mohbad’s father emphasized his desire for justice but cited religious convictions as a reason for not pursuing traditional legal action. He even raised the possibility of a DNA test to uncover the truth.

In his own words, he shared, “My son passed away at around 3 pm, and nobody informed me. When I arrived at his house at 10 pm, I found a large crowd. We were unable to obtain a police report, and there was no space in the mortuary. I had no choice but to bury him. If I have offended anyone, I ask for forgiveness. Nobody loved him more than I did. I had never met Samlarry before. The first time I visited Naira Marley’s house, I witnessed Mohbad and Naira sharing a meal, which touched me deeply. However, my son later informed me that Naira had a darker side. I went to Naira’s room to plead for forgiveness on behalf of my son, not knowing I was being recorded. The first time Samlarry assaulted him, he asked me to stay silent, and when he reported it to the police, no action was taken. Since then, he lived in fear, and he was beaten again during a video shoot with Zlatan. I seek justice for him, but as a pastor, I cannot pursue traditional legal action due to my religious beliefs. If a DNA test is necessary, let it be done.”

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