‘I’m Trying To Be The One That Opens The Door’ – Tyla

Tyla stands out as one of the few African musicians set to shine on the global music stage in 2023. After the success of her hit track “Water,” she secured a Grammy nomination, propelling her into international recognition.

Demonstrating a remarkable blend of talent, Tyla navigates the music industry with grace, charisma, and authenticity. In a revealing interview with Rolling Stone’s The Breakdown, the artist shares insights into her journey, from the creation of her hit song to her criteria for making music, and the honor of representing her country globally.

Discussing her music-making process, Tyla says, “I love listening to beats, singing random things that come to me, and then listening back and choosing what fits best. After the words just come.” She emphasizes a preference for songs that evoke emotions rather than relying solely on factual and direct lyrics.

Tyla’s chart-topping track “Water,” a fusion of pop, R&B, and South Africa’s amapiano, was crafted by a collaboration of talented producers. The song gained traction on TikTok through the #tylawaterchallenge, featuring Tyla’s choreography that even caught the attention of Jennifer Hudson.

Despite the seemingly planned choreography for “Water,” Tyla clarifies, “With Water, I just wanted a summer song everyone could vibe to and have fun to.” She reveals that her intention was to create a summer anthem, and the choreography flowed naturally because it’s “just a part of me.”

Expressing her pride in representing South Africa, Tyla reflects on her childhood dream, saying, “When I was younger, I always wanted to see a pop star from South Africa among the Rihannas, Britney Spears, Michael Jacksons. I always wanted to see someone from when I was… there.” She acknowledges the doubt that lingered without a role model but is determined to “be that girl that opens the door” for others in her home country.

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