Israel DMW Pledges Eternal Loyalty to Davido

Renowned music star Davido Adeleke’s trusted logistics manager, Israel DMW, recently took to social media to make a solemn vow of unwavering loyalty to the acclaimed artist. Israel DMW, who has been a steadfast support behind the scenes of Davido’s meteoric rise, expressed his commitment to standing by the singer throughout life’s journey, even extending his allegiance beyond the boundaries of life itself.

In a touching Instagram post, Israel shared a photo capturing their shared experiences, highlighting the genuine connection and friendship that underscores their working relationship. While the post emanated deep gratitude, it left the specifics of the events that inspired this declaration of loyalty to the imagination of their fans and followers.

Isreal DMW wrote;

“We leave together. We die together. Thanks sir. Fucking shit.”

See Isreal DMW Post Below;

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