Iyanya Reveals Music Industry’s Unchanging Aspects in 10 Years

Singer Iyanya recently shared some insightful thoughts about the music industry, reflecting on what has remained unchanged since he entered the scene over a decade ago. In a lengthy post on his social media platform, he offered advice to aspiring musicians and those already in the industry.

The Kukere master emphasized several key points, such as the importance of not compromising on your performance fee, the fact that closer acquaintances may undervalue your worth, and the tricks some people use to negotiate lower fees for their benefit. He also highlighted the significance of standing by your agreed fees and, in most cases, demanding live bands for performances.

Furthermore, Iyanya suggested that it’s sometimes better to do a free gig than accept what some call an honorarium unless it’s offered by media houses or involves barter arrangements. He closed with an observation that artists with a bit of edge are often more respected, as scarcity tends to increase demand.

In summary, Iyanya’s reflections provide valuable insights for both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the music industry.

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