Jordan Henderson discusses his departure from Liverpool for Saudi Arabia

Former Liverpool Football Club captain, Jordan Henderson, has faced criticism for his move to Saudi Arabia in search of new opportunities. During an interview while on international duty with England, he explained that his decision wasn’t driven by money but rather the prospect of limited playing time in the upcoming 2023/24 season.

Henderson mentioned that his decision stemmed from a candid conversation with Liverpool’s manager, Klopp, about reduced playing opportunities due to incoming players in his position. However, he chose to keep the details of their conversation private.

Additionally, Henderson’s move to Saudi Arabia raised concerns within the LGBTQ+ community. When asked about continuing his advocacy, he emphasized the importance of respecting religion and culture, suggesting that progress toward inclusion requires understanding and patience. He pointed out positive changes, such as increased participation of women and girls in football, as examples of how attitudes can evolve over time.

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