Kcee’s Unveiling: The Man Behind the Rise of Iyanya and Skibii

Nigerian music luminary, Kingsley Okonkwo, better known as Kcee, has pulled back the curtain on his pivotal contributions to the careers of fellow musicians Iyanya and Skibii.

Speaking candidly on the Afrobeats Podcast on Friday, February 2, 2024, Kcee revealed his significant role in Iyanya’s journey to Lagos, extending a helping hand by providing accommodation for six years.

“I brought Iyanya to Lagos, I bought his first flight ticket. He stayed with me for six years in Lagos. I don’t talk about it,” Kcee shared humbly.

Moreover, Kcee shed light on his instrumental role in discovering Skibii’s talent and propelling him into the music industry limelight. He recounted, “I also brought Skibii to the music industry. Skibii is grateful to me for that till today. When I was recording ‘Ojapiano,’ Skibii was in the studio with me. He was a co-writer of the song. We visit each other always. We are still like father and son.”

Despite his undeniable influence on their careers, Kcee opted for humility, refraining from boasting about his contributions to their success. He emphasized his passion for identifying talent and providing unwavering support to budding artists.

“When I saw Skibii I was like, ‘I love this guy. I’m going to work with him.’ Even when he wasn’t popping, I always tell him, ‘Look into my eyes, you’re gonna blow. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but you are a star. So that gave him a lot of confidence.“I am that guy that know how to identify talent. When I see it, I know. And I would support.”

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