Kiddominant Honored with BMI Award for Impact on Chris Brown’s ‘Under The Influence’

Kiddominant, the award-winning producer, has received international recognition at the BMI Awards for his contributions to Chris Brown’s viral hit, ‘Under The Influence.’

The BMI Awards, hosted by Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), annually celebrates the remarkable talents in the music industry, including songwriters, composers, and publishers. These awards, which encompass a wide array of musical genres, honor creativity and artistry rather than chart rankings or sales figures.

Beyond acknowledging the past and present of the music industry, the BMI Awards serve as a reminder of the endless creativity and innovation that propel this art form forward. In a world where music remains a universal language, these accolades pay tribute to those who contribute their voices to its ever-evolving narrative.

Kiddo, in a celebratory social media post, expressed his excitement about winning his first award for producing and writing ‘Under The Influence’ with the words, “Just won my first award for producing and writing #UnderTheInfluence. Thank you @bmi.”

See His Post Below;

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