KiDi, the Ghanaian Sensation, Opens Up About His Mental Well-being

The music industry in Africa is making significant strides in destigmatizing and prioritizing mental health. On World Mental Health Day, Ghanaian sensation KiDi shared his experiences in an interview with BBC Africa’s Daniel Dadzie, shedding light on the impact of fame on his mental well-being. The Afrobeats singer conveyed a crucial message to his fans and fellow musicians, emphasizing that it’s acceptable for things not to always be perfect.

KiDi has been candid about the challenges fame and success have posed to his mental health, as evidenced by his April 2023 song “I Lied,” where he acknowledged the times he falsely claimed to be okay.

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“I Lied” is a sincere and heartfelt track in which the Ghanaian artist addresses his mental health struggles, openly admitting to concealing his true feelings. During his interview with Daniel Dadzie, KiDi discussed the importance of cultivating a healthy and supportive mindset, emphasizing that everyone, regardless of their industry, requires a robust support system.

As the Ghana Music Awards Artist of the Year winner, KiDi shared valuable advice, encouraging not only himself but fellow artists to embrace the present moment. He acknowledged his tendency to constantly seek “what’s next” even after achieving great success, such as winning Artist of the Year. When questioned about how he has maintained his mental health, KiDi spoke about the therapeutic sessions he has undergone and the unwavering support he has received from his family and friends along the way.

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