Kizz Daniel Astonishes Fan with Full Scholarship at Festive Show

In a heartening moment embodying the true Christmas spirit, Nigerian music sensation Kizz Daniel surprised his fans during a live show on Saturday, December 23.

The “Woju” artist, amidst an electrifying performance, took a break to connect with the audience. Spotting a young lady named Funmilayo, he inquired about her aspirations, and to everyone’s surprise, she expressed a desire to attend the University of Lagos.

Touched by her response, Kizz Daniel, renowned for hits like “Jombo” and “Pak ‘n’ Go,” spontaneously decided to grant Funmilayo a full scholarship for her entire duration at the University of Lagos. Engaging with the fan, he asked, “What do you want?” Funmilayo responded, “I want to go to school.” Intrigued, the singer further inquired, “Which school do you want to go to?” She promptly replied, “University of Lagos.”

Kizz Daniel, mildly surprised, exclaimed, “Ahn Ahn, nawa oh. What is your name?” To which she replied, “Funmilayo.”

He then declared, “Funmilayo? I will give you a scholarship throughout your year in Unilag.” The unexpected announcement sparked cheers and excitement, highlighting the artist’s spontaneous and generous nature.

While carrying on with the performance, Kizz Daniel explained the motive behind his impromptu gesture of kindness, citing the lyrics of his song “Rich Till I Die”: “Suffer suffer for world (Amen), enjoy for heaven (Amen).”


The artist’s gesture not only demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting education but also underscored the significance of sharing success with others.

Kizz Daniel’s surprise scholarship announcement has extended its impact beyond the concert venue, sparking discussions about how artists can positively influence their fans’ lives.

As the festive season progresses, this act of kindness serves as a powerful example of music’s ability to inspire and uplift individuals, creating lasting moments that go beyond mere entertainment.

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