Kizz Daniel Reveals Release Date for Upcoming “Jarabi” EP

Kizz Daniel, the acclaimed Nigerian music artist, has stirred excitement in the music scene by revealing the much-awaited release date for his upcoming Jarabi EP.

The award-winning artist, known for recent hits like Twe Twe, Too Busy To Be Bae, and Shu-Peru, is all set to launch the EP on February 24, 2024.

Renowned for his enthralling tunes and distinctive style, Kizz Daniel’s upcoming Jarabi EP is anticipated to cement his status as a prominent figure in the African music scene. His recent singles, particularly Shu-Peru, have garnered significant acclaim, making it one of the most streamed tracks upon its debut. Given Kizz Daniel’s track record of delivering chart-topping hits, the imminent launch of the Jarabi EP sparks considerable anticipation and curiosity

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