Korede Bello Drops New EP “Beauty & Bliss”

Nigeria’s music scene is woven with talent, and Korede Bello is a name that resonates deeply with fans. The gifted singer-songwriter has once again graced us with his musical prowess, revealing his highly anticipated project, the Beauty & Bliss EP.

Comprising eight mesmerizing tracks, the Beauty & Bliss EP transcends being a mere collection of songs; it’s a meticulously crafted musical odyssey that immerses listeners in Korede Bello’s artistic world. This body of work stands as a testament to his evolution as an artist, showcasing his versatility in exploring diverse musical styles and emotions.

What elevates this project further is not just Korede Bello’s solo brilliance but also the presence of notable stars who’ve contributed their talents. The EP features guest appearances from renowned artists Mr Eazi and Yemi Alade, adding an extra layer of depth and dimension to Korede Bello’s musical landscape.

One of the EP’s standout moments is the track “Maria,” effortlessly weaving itself into the project’s fabric. “Maria” served as a prelude to the Beauty & Bliss EP, setting the stage for the musical journey that unfolds.

Korede Bello has always possessed a unique ability to connect with his audience on a personal level through his music. With “Beauty & Bliss,” he delves even deeper into his emotions, thoughts, and experiences, inviting listeners to join him on a heartfelt and soul-stirring musical voyage.

In an industry filled with fleeting trends and fads, Korede Bello’s unwavering dedication to creating meaningful and timeless music is truly commendable. The Beauty & Bliss EP is a testament to his commitment to his craft and his desire to touch the hearts and souls of his listeners.

Listen To Beauty & Bliss EP by Korede Bello Below;


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