Labour Party Treasurer Alleges Chairman’s Plan to Suspend Peter Obi Over Corruption Claims

Oluchi Opara, the embattled national treasurer of the Labour Party, has accused the party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure, of planning to suspend former presidential candidate Peter Obi. In an interview with PUNCH, Opara criticized her six-month suspension from the party over corruption allegations against Abure, calling it unjustified.

She challenged Abure to address the corruption allegations against him instead of dismissing her claims. Opara claimed that Abure’s motive for suspending Peter Obi was in response to Obi’s call for a thorough investigation into the party’s finances.

Opara stated, “The suspension was unjustified and a cover-up for their misdeeds. Julius Abure should deny the corruption allegations against him instead of trying to discredit me. I have also filed a lawsuit against the EFCC to investigate the party’s account. Peter Obi’s insistence on investigating the account is why Abure is trying to suspend him.”

She further alleged that Abure had been pressuring state chairmen to support his agenda, threatening them with job loss if they did not comply. Opara maintained that the corruption allegations against Abure were serious and should not be overlooked.

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