Lagos Police: The Music Industry Offers No Assistance

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, expressed his concerns about the detrimental impact of substance abuse within the music industry during the 2023 Press Week Lecture/Symposium, held in collaboration with the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Lagos Chapter on September 28.

Hundeyin highlighted that the prevalence of drug glorification in the music industry has posed significant challenges for law enforcement. He emphasized, “The music industry is not helping us in any way. They glamorize drugs. Not all that glitters is gold.” He urged older Nigerians to join the fight against drug abuse.

Furthermore, Hundeyin alleged that numerous music superstars are involved in drug abuse, noting that when these artists face health issues, they often prefer to avoid hospitals and instead summon nurses to their homes due to their drug use. This secrecy, he explained, contributes to the problem.

Hundeyin pointed out the undeniable link between substance abuse and criminal activities among youth, asserting that in 90 percent of cases, criminals arrested by the command attribute their actions to drug use. He stressed, “There is a direct connection between drugs and crimes.”

He also underlined that beyond criminality, drug abuse adversely affects the health and prospects of Nigerian youth. Hundeyin called upon the media and other stakeholders to play a pivotal role in highlighting the dangers of drugs in society. He lamented the involvement of elderly individuals in the illicit drug trade and urged them to be advocates against drug use. Finally, he emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the issue to improve the situation in Nigeria.

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