Lagos State Attorney-General Affirms Readiness for State Police, Advocates for Enhanced Security Measures”

Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, Lawal Pedro, has reiterated Lagos State’s preparedness to establish its state police force, highlighting the need for decentralized policing to enhance security across the state. Pedro emphasized that Lagos has the required personnel and infrastructure to manage its policing effectively, stressing the importance of law enforcement officers who understand the local environment.

In a recent interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, Pedro expressed his longstanding belief in the effectiveness of state or community police in addressing the country’s security challenges. He cited the existing Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps, equipped with body cameras and fully operational, as evidence of Lagos’ readiness for state-controlled policing. Pedro emphasized that indigenous police officers would be more effective in combating crime, as they are familiar with the community and can easily identify criminals and their hideouts.

While acknowledging the potential for state police to be exploited by politicians, Pedro called for stringent legislation to prevent such abuse. He emphasized the advantages of state police in enhancing security and apprehending criminals, ultimately ensuring a safer environment for residents.

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