Lawsuit Filed Against Trey Songz, Accused of Sexual Assault at House Party by Two Women

Trey Songz is facing a lawsuit filed by two women who claim they passed out at his house party, only to awaken to nonconsensual sexual encounters with him. According to recent legal documents obtained by TMZ, these women are accusing Trey of sexual assault and battery, alleging that the incident occurred in 2015 at his estate in the Los Angeles area.

The women initially met Trey in June 2015 when they attended one of his concerts and were invited to an after-party he was hosting. Subsequent interactions led to an invitation to his birthday party at his home in August. They mention that they had to provide a password and surrender their phones for entry.

Inside the house, they describe an environment primarily consisting of women with only a few men present. They felt pressured to consume alcohol from unsealed bottles. The women suddenly felt extremely intoxicated, despite having what they believed to be a modest amount to drink, which raised suspicions that they may have been drugged.

They claim they ended up sitting on a couch by the pool, where Trey Songz reportedly led them to an upstairs bedroom where they lost consciousness while still fully clothed. The next morning, they woke up to find themselves naked, with Trey engaging in nonconsensual sexual acts with them.

One of the women says Trey forced her into nonconsensual oral sex, and despite her attempts to resist, he overpowered her. The other woman woke up to Trey biting her nipple and forcing his fingers inside her vagina.

According to the lawsuit, Trey insisted they take a shower with him after the alleged assaults, but they refused. This refusal reportedly angered Trey, and he yelled at them before they managed to gather their clothes to leave. Trey allegedly refused to return their phones, but eventually, a security guard intervened, handed over their phones, and they called an Uber.

The women claim that they have suffered lasting injuries from the alleged incident and are seeking damages in their lawsuit. Trey Songz’s attorney, Michael Freedman, responded to these allegations by stating, “This is yet another example of nearly decade-old allegations being repurposed to take advantage of California’s constitutionally questionable new look back window. We look forward to vindicating Trey on the merits in court.”

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