Machine Gun Kelly’s Latest Tattoo Leaves Fans in Awe

Machine Gun Kelly, known for his extensive collection of tattoos, is among the most prominent celebrity tattoo enthusiasts.

Transitioning from rapper to punk rocker, his body art has become iconic among fans, who are well-acquainted with many of his notable pieces. The anticipation of new ink from Kelly sparked excitement among fans, but the revelation left many utterly stunned. Kelly seems to have opted for covering up some of his old tattoos, albeit in a manner that took everyone by surprise.

New photographs of Machine Gun Kelly reveal extensive black ink covering both his arms and much of his upper torso. Fans have varied reactions to these images, with some speculating that the extensive tattoo work might delay the release of new music. One top comment humorously suggests that unless his next album is titled “Blackout” or something similar, fans may have to wait even longer for new music. Others express sheer disbelief, with comments like “I have no words….” and “HE DID NOT.” The images and fan responses can be viewed below.

Machine Gun Kelly recently made an appearance at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas alongside his girlfriend Megan Fox. The couple garnered attention, particularly for Fox’s appearance, with many fans noting her striking transformation.

It has been two years since Machine Gun Kelly released his last album, “Mainstream Sellout,” in March 2022. The album featured popular tracks such as “Maybe” with Bring Me The Horizon and “Emo Girl” with Willow. What are your thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly’s extensive new tattoo cover-up? Do you believe he pulls off the look in the shared photos? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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