Made Kuti Sets the Record Straight Regarding Alleged Burna Boy Diss

Renowned Afrobeat sensation, Made Kuti, has swiftly responded to recent claims suggesting he criticized Burna Boy for his sampling choices. The Grammy-nominated artist, and a direct descendant of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, took to his social media platform to address the situation.

A post surfaced on an unverified CNN-affiliated account, insinuating that Made Kuti had voiced his discontent on Facebook over Burna Boy’s use of samples in his music.

Made Kuti wasted no time in refuting these allegations. He emphasized that he never made any such remarks and found it crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent any further misunderstandings. In his post, Made Kuti stated,

“To clarify, this is fake. I did not make this post. Feel free to sample as you like, fellow musicians. Also, I do not engage in ‘loud’ expressions.”

With this swift response, Made Kuti puts the rumor to rest and reaffirms his stance on artistic expression within the Afrobeat community.

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