Mason Mount Reflects on His Performance at Manchester United

Mason Mount, the England international who made a surprising move from Chelsea FC to Manchester United in the summer of 2023, recently discussed his performance and the decision behind the move. In a recent interview, he assessed his form, particularly in the context of wearing the iconic number seven jersey for the club.

Mount expressed his satisfaction with his start at Old Trafford, emphasizing his successful integration with the team and his ongoing effort to understand the manager’s tactical preferences. He also highlighted the importance of learning from his teammates and acknowledged that there is still room for improvement, both individually and as a team.

He mentioned, “The beginning has been quite positive. Adjusting to the team, grasping the manager’s playing style, and understanding my fellow players’ tendencies takes some time. I aim to enhance my performances, and I believe that progress will come with time. As a collective, we’re making strides, and we’ll continue working towards improvement.”

Mount also acknowledged the weight of wearing the number 7 jersey, recognizing the iconic players who previously donned it. He stated, “I’m well aware of the expectations that come with wearing the No. 7 shirt. I grew up admiring legends like Beckham, so I understand their impact at this club. The pressure is something I welcome because I aspire to perform in it. It holds great significance for me in this massive, iconic club.”

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