Mavin Records Welcomes Multi-Talented Artist Lifesize Teddy: A New Addition to the Family

Mavin Records Welcomes Multi-Talented Artist Lifesize Teddy: A New Addition to the Family

In an exciting development, accomplished music producer and industry luminary, Michael Collins Ajereh, known by his iconic moniker Don Jazzy, has proudly revealed the latest addition to the Mavin Records roster.

On a vibrant Wednesday, Don Jazzy introduced the world to the exceptionally talented artist, Lifesize Teddy, who boasts an impressive array of skills encompassing singing, rapping, poetry, and songwriting. Lifesize Teddy’s journey to Mavin Records was paved through the Mavin Academy, exemplifying the record label’s dedication to nurturing and refining emerging talents.

Don Jazzy took to his Twitter platform to share a captivating video of Lifesize Teddy, accompanied by a caption that encapsulates the essence of the artist’s evolution under the Mavin umbrella. He expressed, “Unveiling a new artist is a testament to their commitment in embracing the transformative process of the Mavin academy. It signifies our unwavering belief in their potential and the culmination of our collective dedication.”

Empowered by his role within the esteemed Supreme Mavin Dynasty, Don Jazzy joyfully introduced Lifesize Teddy as the newest signee to Mavin Records. He graciously described the multi-faceted artist as a rapper, poet, singer, and songwriter, showcasing the diverse range of talents that Lifesize Teddy brings to the Mavin family.

With this milestone, Lifesize Teddy joins the ranks of Mavin Records’ esteemed artistes, including the rising star Ayra Starr and the seasoned vocalist Di’Ja. Her addition further solidifies Mavin Records’ commitment to fostering a diverse and talented lineup, with Lifesize Teddy emerging as the third female artist to grace the label.


As Lifesize Teddy steps into this new chapter of her musical journey with Mavin Records, fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate a symphony of creativity, collaboration, and boundless potential. The announcement resonates as a testament to Mavin Records’ enduring legacy of discovering, nurturing, and propelling exceptional musical talents onto the global stage.

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