Meta Platforms to Enable Nigerian Creators to Monetize Content on Instagram

Meta Platforms Incorporated, led by the distinguished former UK Deputy Prime Minister and Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Sir Nick Clegg, has unveiled an ambitious plan. This initiative aims to empower Nigerian creators by introducing a groundbreaking feature on its Instagram app. The feature, slated for launch in June 2024, will allow Nigerian content creators to monetize their creations, marking a significant step forward for native talent in the digital sphere.

During a recent visit to President Bola Tinubu at the State House in Abuja, Clegg expressed his gratitude for an executive order issued by the President. This order facilitated the landing of a Meta-backed deep-sea cable in Nigeria, set to become operational in the first quarter of 2025. Clegg highlighted the cable’s impressive capabilities, stating that it will offer twice the capacity of all existing subsea cables and boast unparalleled geographic connectivity.

The economic impact of this infrastructure project is projected to be substantial, potentially generating up to $37 billion in increased economic activity across Africa in the next few years. Clegg emphasized the importance of deepening partnerships with Nigeria to leverage these opportunities fully.

President Tinubu, in response, outlined his administration’s commitment to positioning Nigeria as Africa’s leading hub for information and communications technology (ICT). He emphasized the role of technology in empowering small businesses and promoting economic growth. Tinubu’s administration is investing in digital technology to enhance small business resilience and create opportunities across various sectors.

The President highlighted the pivotal role of Nigerian youths in driving digital economic growth. To this end, his administration has launched the 3MTT program, aiming to train three million Nigerian youths in digital technology and essential skills, ultimately integrating them into innovation hubs nationwide.

President Tinubu affirmed Nigeria’s readiness to lead Africa in digital technology and emphasized the importance of cooperation in technological advancements. He stressed the need to create a conducive business environment for small businesses, underscoring the value of technology in their development.

In conclusion, President Tinubu emphasized the importance of continued engagement to create opportunities for Nigerians to participate in global prosperity. He cited digital technology as a key enabler for connecting Africa and contributing to global development.

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