Music Mogul Larry Gaaga Named Vice President as Gamma Expands into Africa

Larry Gaaga, the renowned figure in the Nigerian music industry, has assumed the role of Vice President at Gamma, marking a significant move as the company expands into Africa. This expansion decision was made back in May, with South African music executive Sipho Dlamini taking the helm as president of the new divisions, while Larry Gaaga assumes the role of Vice President.

Gaaga, who previously served as the vice president for A&R at Def Jam Africa, brings a wealth of expertise to his new position, which will be headquartered in Lagos.

Expressing his excitement, Gaaga stated, “I am honored and excited to take on the new role. This presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry across the continent, promoting local talent and showcasing the incredible creativity and diversity of our artists to the world.”

Naomi Campbell, Gamma’s special advisor, also welcomed Gaaga’s appointment, highlighting his visionary talents and dedication to the artistic empowerment of African talent.

In addition to Larry Gaaga, the company has appointed veteran Arab DJ Dany Neville as Vice President of A&R for the Middle East, with operations based in Dubai. Larry Jackson, Gamma’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the extensive experience and deep understanding of the local music scenes that both Gaaga and Neville bring to the Gamma family. Their roles are expected to strengthen the company’s presence and drive growth in Africa and the Middle East.

This appointment of Larry Gaaga in such a powerful position is a significant milestone for Nigerian music, generating anticipation for the impact he will make in his new role.

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