NERC Issues Directives to Electricity Distribution Firms Following Tariff Increase

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has issued five new directives to electricity distribution firms in response to the recent tariff increase. The directives, outlined in a notice signed by Deputy General Manager of Market Competition and Rates, Abba Terab, are aimed at ensuring the proper implementation of the new tariff structure.

Following the tariff increase, NERC has instructed distribution companies to apply the new tariff only to the 480 recently approved Band A feeders. This move is intended to target specific areas for tariff adjustments, rather than implementing a blanket increase across all regions.

Additionally, all distribution companies have been directed to promptly publish the schedule of affected Band A feeders on their websites, as determined by the rate review. This transparency measure aims to keep customers informed about any changes that may affect their electricity bills.

Furthermore, NERC has mandated all distribution companies to establish a portal on their websites by April 10, 2024. This portal will allow customers to check their current bands by entering their meter or account numbers, streamlining the process for customers to access information about their tariff classification.

In a bid to rectify any overcharging issues, NERC has directed distribution companies to reimburse customers who were overcharged at the updated rate through energy tokens. The deadline for this reimbursement is set for Thursday, April 11, 2024, with documentation of compliance required by April 12, 2024.

NERC has emphasized that it will closely monitor the compliance of distribution companies with these directives, highlighting the importance of adhering to the new rules to ensure a fair and transparent electricity tariff system for all customers.

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