Nigerian Artist Portable Discusses Clash with Young Duu’s Manager

Street-pop artist Habeeb Olalomi, widely known as Portable, is stirring up online discussions after a recent video where he shares insights into a clash with¬†Young Duu’s manager, Onlyone Kesh.

The video captures Portable aggressively confronting and assaulting Kesh.

During a live session with Portable and his crew on Friday, December 22, the Zazu king explained the incident, claiming it was provoked by Kesh’s actions.

Portable felt disrespected by Kesh’s casual ‘oh boy’ address, implying an informal camaraderie, leading to the confrontation. He emphasized that there’s no friendship between himself, Young Duu, their manager, and others involved.

Portable Zazu’s video explanation sheds light on the controversial incident, offering his perspective on the sequence of events that led to the widely discussed altercation. As online discussions persist, fans and followers are eager for additional clarity on the dynamics between the artists and their teams.

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