Nigerian Artist’s Stunning Portrait of Ayra Starr Sparks Controversy

A Nigerian artist, Dami Foreign, dedicated nearly 19 hours to create an impressive hand-drawn portrait of singer Ayra Starr. Using only a blue pen, he painstakingly crafted a highly detailed and lifelike depiction of Ayra Starr, sharing the final artwork on Twitter along with the exact time it took – 18 hours and 57 seconds.

Initially, it appeared that Dami’s hard work had paid off. However, moments later, he was stunned to discover that Ayra Starr had blocked him on Twitter without any explanation, abruptly cutting off communication.

This unexpected reaction left Dami both shocked and confused, given the substantial time and effort he had invested. In response, he tweeted about his experience.

As of now, Ayra Starr has not offered any explanation for her actions. Nevertheless, this dramatic turn of events has captured widespread attention, with many sympathizing with Dami for his rejection despite his heartfelt artistic tribute. It appears that the artist’s intention was simply to pay homage to the emerging star, making the block feel like a painful rejection.

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