Nigerian Journalist Questions Government’s Handling of Kaduna Student Release

Nigerian journalist Jaafar Jaafar has expressed skepticism over the circumstances surrounding the release of the abducted Kaduna students. Following the Nigerian Military’s announcement of the successful rescue operation in Zamfara, Jaafar took to his X handle to voice his concerns.

He alleged that the Nigerian government might have paid a hefty ransom to secure the release of the students. Jaafar argued that bandits, known for their avarice, would not release hostages without receiving payment. Jaafar pointed to statements made by President Bola Tinubu and Governor Uba Sani, which, in his view, hinted at a ransom payment.

He criticized the government’s reactive approach to abduction cases, suggesting that the funds used for ransom could have been better spent on proactive measures to prevent such incidents. Jaafar emphasized that the government’s priority should be the security of its citizens, rather than merely protecting its image.

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